The Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) supports the healing endeavors of individuals practicing Reiki in the Midwest from all lineages. All who gather and participate in MRC meetings acknowledge that all Reiki practitioners are connected, inspired and purposeful through the lineage and energy of Reiki. The MRC meets to create union, cooperation, learning, growth, mutual support, and to share the power of Reiki with our greater global community.

MRC’s primary focus is to bring Reiki channels together in the Midwest to practice and grow their Reiki experience. Group members meet regularly to:

  • Practice giving and receiving Reiki
  • Share our experiences with each other
  • Continue to learn more about Reiki and other
    energy healing modalities
  • Participate in outreach events to spread the word
    about Reiki
How do I get Involved?

Membership is open to anyone attuned to any level of Reiki via any lineage, and does not currently require any special admission process. Just RSVP for any of our regular gatherings and show up!

Not attuned to Reiki yet, but interested? Check out our Reiki FAQs for more information and keep an eye on our Meetup group for upcoming Level 1 trainings in Chicago by Master Teachers associated with the Midwest Reiki Community.